HR Policy

With all cultivate moral, belief and pride of the company, Nguyendang staff always conscious of their position in the formation of company culture, constantly learning, creativity, diligence and integrity. Human resources policies are always improvements to Nguyendang staff have the best working environment:


·         Dynamic and professional, always enabling every individual to have the opportunity to assert themselves.

·         Organizing professional training courses regularly to complement the knowledge and practical experience for all staff.

·        Policies for attracting human resources, especially youngth human resources, Students who have just graduated with excellent academic achievement, good ethics.


·         Holiday, vacation and other compliance as required by the labour law.

·         Office work are always cool, clean, equipped devices and instruments to cater for the work.

·         The company equipped with all protection instruments for workers working at the site.


·       Salary system is built on the basis of the delivered work and efficiency work.

·      Periodically twice a year, the company will consider implementation of the work of staff to base to increases salary and through review and evaluation of direct leadership.

·     Besides salary, the company also has bonus policy to encourage spiritual work for staff. Ceremony bonus, Tet bonus and bonus on efficiency at work.


Implementation of applying social insurance, health insurance for workers under the current regulations. The mode of maternity insurance, workers  compensation, employment subsidies in accordance with the rules of labour law.


·         Support to prepare computers for engineers working at site.

·         The staff work far from the company, travel costs and hotel fee will be paid by company.

·         Annually company organizes a vacation for staff to create the relaxation and solidarity between staff together.

·         Company Union had a duty to take care of spiritual and material life for workers; gifts for birthdays, woman day and visiting workers when illness, accident, burial and join in charity work.

·         On the occation of year-end, workers family was invited to attended the year-end party, making familiarly between the company and family.


Worker are required to strictly implement the regulations as follows:

·         High valuation of responsibility, internal solidarity to complete all assigned tasks.

·         Adherence absolutely the assigning of work and superiors  direction.

·         Reporting truthfully all assigned works. When having difficulties at work ask superiors for direction to resolve in time.

·        Staff who is in charge of professional work is not taking advantage of the work to receive comission, fostered from customers under whatever form can cause loss of finance and prestige for the company.

·       Do not use the company s behalf for individual works. Prohibits acts of cheating in work and in career led to damage of property and prestige of the company.

·       Prohibits any situation of disclosure, arbitrarily brought documents out of the office or provide information outside the company without the consent of the upper level.

·         Keep the secret business of the company.

·         Do not disclose information about individual income.