Work Safety

Point of human is invaluable property and one of the factors that make the power of Nguyendanggroup, though labor safety is the most interest of the company policies.

Policy of labor safety is deployed deeply and totally in the whole company with the aim of ensuring to work in the safe environment for all Nguyendang s employees. Obeying all the principles of labor safety and professional health is the prerequisite condition in the whole company s activities.

There is a division of management to control labor safety, having the duty of construction, deploying to apply the regulated standards in construction executing, checking, surveying executing, machines, equipments to ensure of maintaining, and effectiveness of the system of labor safety in the whole company. We always pays attention on improving labor conditions, protective equipments, organizing to propagate knowledge of sanitation, labor safety for all employees in the company.

Employees are encouraged, trained and educated for having full knowledge of each role in the activities of labor safety. Employees are the owners in productive labor, safety and labor effect.

Labor safety is responsibility of all individuals, it will bring happiness to each family, community and society.